The Heart of Lisbon

Our Lisbon Centre Free Tour is a walk through the History of the city at its very own heart. Yes, this walking tour is an introduction to Lisbon and the city's main attractions but it is also an introduction to its fundamental historical episodes. We want you to know Lisbon from the inside, it's core and not only its beauty.

Centre Free Walking Tour in English

We start our journey to the centre of Lisbon at Largo Chiado, surrounded by three notorious poets, Chiado himself,  the street poet acclaimed by the people, Fernando Pessoa, the inventor of Portuguese modern literature and Luís Vaz de Camões, the creator of the Portuguese language.

Bairro Alto is our next destiny, the bohemian district of Lisbon, overflowing with restaurants and bars. But there's so much more to Bairro Alto than nightlife, this 500 year old district is filled with stories that go back to the Discovery Age mixed with more recente episodes from the time of the Salazar regime. But our Free Tour does not stop there. Be prepared to meet the Square of Revolutions, the Largo do Carmo, where the climax of the Carnation Revolution of 1974 happened. Our local guides will tell you passionate tales of that day and many stories about the Fearless Captain Salgueiro Maia.

Follow us to the train station of Rossio and its new gothical façade where the statue of King Sebastião should be. Where is King Sebastião and why is he still missed? Why is the Baixa Pombalina's architecture so different from everything else around Lisbon? Finish down at Praça do Comércio right in front of the Tagus river and discover the story behind Rua Augusta's famous Arch and the statue of the king that lost his heart after the earthquake of 1755. Come enjoy Lisbon in the company of guides that love this city with all their heart and want to reveal not only what Lisbon is but always has been, past and present, heart and soul.

Our Lisbon Centre Free Tour is the perfect first step to discover Lisbon. We want you to feel the heartbeat of Lisbon like we do, its pulse and energy.

We will share with you dozens of suggestions and tips to enjoy the city and embrace it like a local. We will do our very best  to make your trip unforgettable.  

Centre of Lisbon History

There are over 20 different thesis to the origin of the city's name but most probably Lisbon comes from the Phoenecian "Alis Hubbo" or the Greek “Olisipo”. A delightful little port, some said, the city of Odysseus, others claimed, the fact is that Lisbon holds a strong and intimate relationship with the sea. These geographical conditions led the way to numberless victories but also to countless setbacks. The Historical Centre of Lisbon has witnessed many of these battles, many against nature itself which had a strong impact in the urban shape of the city and even the whole country.

It was from Lisbon that the oceans were subjugated and the Portuguese Empire spread its influence across the planet, from Africa to the Middle East, from the Américas to Asia. It was in Lisbon that a series of earthquakes revealed the hand of God and that in 1755 the first Modern Age disaster took place. It was in Lisbon that an economics professor from Coimbra was acclaimed saviour of the country and it was in Lisbon that his government was overthrown with the will of the people and the strenght of carnations. 

In other words, every statue at Chiado, every façade of the Baixa Pombalina, every stone of the Portuguese Calçada tell a different story. But all these stories are reflexes of a city and the Tagus river, of a king still to come, of navigators with the souls of poets and poets with the heart of the seas. With Take Lisboa and our Centre Free Walking Tour in English you will discover the true meaning of the word Saudade.

Groups of 8 or more are always welcomed. In this case we require a prepayment of 10€ per adult and 5€ per youngster under 18.

Children under 14 are free of charge. This principle results from the need to protect and value the level of quality and dedication we demand of our Take Lisboa local guides.

What will you see in our Lisbon Centre Free Tour?

  • Legends of Lisbon

  • Chiado the Cultural Centre and its urban poet António Ribeiro

  • Luís Vaz de Camões, father of the Portuguese language

  • Bairro Alto, the Bohemian Centre and its many tales

  • Church and Convent of Carmo, a place for revolutions

  • Great Eathquake of 1755: the fall of Lisbon and the rise of the Marquis

  • King Sebastian and Sebastianism

  • Rossio Square and World War II

  • Church of São Domingos and the Jewish Massacre 

  • Baixa, the modern liberal Lisbon of the XIX century

  • The Carnation Revolution

  • Commerce Plaza and its mythical Arch.

Largo Camões Next to the Kiosk


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